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During the last two wind storms of this winter we found our cross from the cupola toppled. It has stood these many years and withstood many storms and weather perils. However, just like everything else age took its toll.

During the first storm it had cracked and leaned backwards. We filed a claim with our insurance company, "Church Mutual". They responded quickly and we received the check to have it fixed, less our $500 deductable. While waiting for the weather to break so we could get a high lift into the area the second storm hit, our cross hit the ground. Talking with the insurance company they said we would have to file another claim and pay another $500 deductable. Council decided to fix the cross ourselves and then have it put back onto its rightful place. It was so well constructed that it withstood the fall.

If you would like to contribute toward our deductable please mail your contribution to the church and mark it accordingly.

Have a blessed Great Lent and glorious Pascha.


Fr. Andrew 


First storm
First storm
First storm
Second storm
Second storm
Second storm
Religious Education


 Georgette Matychak, MS, MEd, has begun another school year with great lessons for every age group of young people in our parish. Each lesson this year is based on the Gospel reading of the Sunday. The study unit contains the written lesson, craft, and review page used as homework. Our children have enjoyed the lessons in the past and are loving the new lessons for this school year.

Our children today face many foes in today's society, from bullying to drugs they are exposed to it all. With a good foundation of faith in their Lord, Jesus Christ they will rise above those temptations and serve as examples of the real joy in life, a belief in Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for the BEST instruction for your children (and yourself) feel free to email her at:











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